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2022 Asia ServeBeyond Retreat (2)

Mon-Fri Oct 10-14, 2022 — Pattaya Thailand
In June you received my latest email about our upcoming Asia retreat. Here’s an update for you. I hope to see you there!

Pattaya 1

Dates: Mon Oct 10 afternoon through Fri Oct 14 noonish.
Place: "Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort" in Pattaya, a couple hour taxi ride south of Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). Thailand eased its covid entry requirements on July 1, now welcoming travelers with proof of either a certificate of vaccination or a pre-arrival negative PCR test result.
Numbers: Currently eleven people will be attending for sure, including our ServeBeyond Director, Ike.
Schedule: Our theme is “Connect” so our morning Bible focus will be on connecting with God by looking at our resurrected Lord’s teachings about mission: “Mission According to Jesus.” Late morning sessions and evening sessions will focus on connecting with one another. The afternoons will be mostly free time with plenty of time to “Ask Ike” about all things ServeBeyond, relax, or enjoy chatting. See here for the daily schedule.
  • If you are Asia ServeBeyond staff, your hotel and food expenses will be covered at the retreat Oct 10-14. In-country transit hotel(s) and transportation will also be covered. I will give attendees the account number for claiming these expenses.
  • Your flight and travel costs to Thailand can be expensed to your Ministry Account.
  • You may opt to arrive earlier and stay later for vacation at the retreat hotel, but at your own expense.
Those attending will receive more info. Whether attending or not, feel free to email me with any questions!


2022 Asia ServeBeyond Retreat (1)

Mon-Fri Oct 10-14, 2022 — Pattaya Thailand
Pattaya 4

Hello Asia ServeBeyond personnel! I do hope you will be able to join us for our first ever Asia retreat! It will be a time to step aside from the busyness of our ministries for encouragement, refreshment, and networking. I’d like to make it higher on relationships than meetings. Now, we will still gather for meetings, but there will be ample free time. The idea is to nurture community within Asia ServeBeyond.
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Happy (Belated) New Year 2022!

To Asia EFCCMers,

May God’s richest blessings be yours in 2022, including encouragement, protection, and faithful ministry. We look forward to continuing to figure out how to come alongside you in 2022.

After leaving Tokyo on Dec 21 on a plane with lots of empty seats we were able to be with our children for a few days over the post-Christmas season. This year we gathered at Matt & Kristy’s place in Michigan. Bryan & Jessica with Kasen drove from Missouri and Matt & Victoria flew from California. For January we are at our place in Maine with plans to return to Tokyo on Jan 26-27.

We are optimistically hoping and praying that we will be able to at long last pull off our first Asia EFCCM retreat in 2022, perhaps in October at Pattaya near Bangkok. We’ll be in touch about that.

Warmly in Christ,
Dale & Ann, EFCCM Asia Ministry Coaches

2022 Little New Year (1)

Asia Connect - Apr 2020

Hi Asia EFCCMers,

Because of my illness over the past three months it has been some time since I’ve picked up my communication with all of you. However, a few days ago my pain decreased considerably even though my energy level still lags and concentration seems to be a challenge. If you’re interested, here is more about my health and some musings regarding ministry implications: Since writing the Apr 13 post there, my pain levels have decreased even further. So I do think I am slowly getting back to “normal.”

Here in Tokyo, though, normality seems to be in short supply. The emergency state to try to flatten the coronavirus COVID-19 curve is scheduled to be lifted on May 6, but many pundits are guessing it will take longer. All of you are also no doubt under some kind of coronavirus restrictions, bringing you challenges, frustrations, and maybe opportunities.

For us as an EFCCM region, the coronavirus shut down our late-Mar early-Apr retreat where I had hoped we could enjoy interacting. However, I am hoping our retreat has just been postponed, not cancelled. The down payment on our retreat hotel can be applied to our next booking at the same place if we set a new date sometime in early 2021.

So can each of you let me know by return email what dates in Jan, Feb, or Mar 2021 would be OK for you for a rescheduled Asia retreat? I’m thinking once again of Mon through Sat, with Mon and Sat being travel days. After receiving your input I’ll try to come up with a date for the retreat that will be best for the majority of us. Read More…

Our COVID-19 World

Hi Asia EFCCMers,

Please know that I’ve been thinking about and praying for all of you in our new COVID-19 world.

For those of us who call Canada home, the Prime Minister of Canada has encouraged all Canadians to come back to Canada ASAP: “Come home, or hunker down.” Our EFCCM Managers met in the past 24 hours and would like you to know the following. You will be getting an email from them soon with more info. In the meantime, here are some of the basic items they want you to know:
  • If any of you feel you would be safer coming home to Canada, the EFCCM is willing to help make that happen. But I'm guessing that for many of you the best place to be is probably in your home abroad.
  • Please practice "social distancing." All unnecessary (international?) travel should be postponed or cancelled.
  • If you do decide to return to Canada, there are several things you need to consider:
    • If you show up at your departing airport with any COVID-19 symptoms you will not be allowed to board your flight – even a cough could cause you to be turned away.
    • Upon your return to Canada you will need to enter a 14 day mandatory quarantine, which will include anyone in your household where you might be staying.
    • It is impossible to guess when you we will be allowed to return to your country of service.
Once again, please know that EFCCM leaders are praying for you!